We’re working to shake up the iGaming industry – find out how.

Seven Star Digital is based on the idea that gambling comparison sites can be better.

Better for the user, and better for the gambling operator.

The company is based near Liverpool Street, London, and was founded by in 2016.

  • So, what does the company actually do?

Glad you asked. We create products that help consumers cut through the huge volumes of casino, sports betting, bingo, lottery, poker and esports operators on the market – and find exactly the right place to play.

Comparison sites, to put it simply. And we strive to make them as up to date, useful, intuitive and feature-rich as possible.

Much of our time is spent between optimising media campaigns, crafting content, analysing data, designing product and enhancing our tech platform.

  • What’s the team like?

Apart from awesome? 🙂 We’re a small but highly effective group organised into three main areas: acquisition, commercial and tech. We’re fortunate to be comprised of a diverse range of backgrounds and personalities.

Everyone is extremely welcoming, friendly and hard-working. We’re not half bad at what we do, too – which helps!

  • What are your main comparison sites?

We operate quite a few. The first ever comparison brand we launched is TopRatedCasinos.co.uk, which continues to grow impressively. We’re also pretty excited about Compare.bet and its potential to become a category-killer megasite spanning all of iGaming. We’re launching new lines of activity all the time.

  • Can we do business together?

We’d love to explore opportunities. We’re always looking for new gambling operators to work with. If you have a different kind of proposal, we’re all ears. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • What kind of commercial models do you work on with partners?

CPA, revenue share, hybrid, fixed fee – we have a range of opportunities available for all budgets and requirements. Once we understand more about your objectives, we can tailor something just right for you.

  • Are you open to partnering with, investing in, or acquiring my site?

In short, yes! We are looking at carefully selected opportunities of this nature, with the right kind of websites and like-minded teams. Contact us if you’re a webmaster of an iGaming site and this sounds interesting to you.